Name: Jenny (Jen) Owens
Sport: Alpine Skiing (Downhill) – ex-Ski Cross (2005 – 2014) & ex-Alpine World Cup Skier (1999 – 2004)
Born: Sydney, Australia
Living: Melbourne, Australia
Height: 168cm (5’6)
Weight: 67kg

Sponsors: Southern Alps Ski Club, Event & Sports Projects Australia, Leki, Smith, XTM, WinterFit
Program Supported by: Unfortunately I do not have program support at the moment.
Personal Interests: Skiing/snowboarding, stand-up paddle boarding, trail running, enjoying life at home with my husband and dog!

A personal introduction…

I am now coming into my 25th year of International competitive skiing!

I started skiing at the age of 4 at Perisher, joined Southern Alps Ski Club at age 6 and continued with them until I was selected to join a race group at age 8. I joined Perisher Alpine Race Club at 10 and also the Sport and Recreation winter intensive ski program. At 12, I won my first State and National Ski Championships which won me my first international training and competition program to Europe.

I skied Alpine for 14 years, was 7 years on the National Alpine Ski Team, competing on the World Cup tour for 6 of those, competed at 2 World Championship and the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games where I finished 9th in the Combined Downhill (my goal was top 10). 

I retired from Alpine in January 2004 due to limited funding and support. I joined the corporate work force, working 9-5… Retiring from Alpine was a very hard decision for me, I wasn’t quite ready to retire which made my transition into “normal” life quite difficult!

The sacrifices that you make as an athlete are HUGE! But at the same time, the life you live is like no other and very hard to find anything as enjoyable as travelling the world, representing your country, meeting great people and learning new cultures, just to name a few!

After 18 months into retirement, I started up a new discipline called Ski Cross for fun where I was quite successful. It then turned into an Olympic event and was able to go to two more Olympics (2010 & 2014). Durng my years of competing on the Ski Cross World Cup, I had numerous podiums and a bronze medal at the Winter X Games in 2012.

After Sochi, I thought I had to retire, so I did but of cause got itchy feet once again! I was inspired by USA swimmer Dara Torres who competed and retired 5 time, winning medals at all Olympics she competed in, including a bronze at age 41 at the Sydney 2002 Olympics. 

I am now aming for my 4th Olympics back in Alpine (Downhill) which I am really excited about 🙂 My goals and wants aren’t medals because I feel that ship sailed and with the limited support, I am only capable of what I can fund myself with. My goal is to meet or better my Combined results from Salt Lake City Olympics. I feel this would be a HUGE acheivement for me at my age 😉