Third Time Lucky!

When I arrived home on 2 Feb, I was on the fence about what to do with my skiing. I was probably about 60% sure I probably wouldn’t be going after my 4th Olympics but I wanted to sit on it for a bit, have a think before making any decisions. 

Back in November, after my training block in Copper Mtn, USA, things were on track with my goals… Racing at Lake Louise with broken ribs and a bad knee didn’t go as planned but I was still confident things were moving in the right direction.

I had organised to join up with a team for training and racing but for what ever reason, they pulled out at the last minute, leaving me with no support at all and unfortunately I didn’t have the money to pay to join a team at that point.

From then on, things slowly went backwards… my skiing got worse, my confidence got lower, I was concerned for my safety, I was missing my little family at home while battling a swollen and sore knee…

Short on cash and resources and realising that competing at World Champs (after qualifying) would be very disappointing for me and embarrassing, I decided to pull out and return home to get my knee fixed. It turns out a screw from an old ACL reco from 2006 had come loose, broke through the tibia, through the cartilage and was sticking into my knee joint causing all sorts of issues!! There is a big hole now in my knee which will take some time to heal so I’m currently taking life/fitness pretty easy!

With the season going how it did, I realised I’d have to find a coach to get me to my 4th Olympics and to possibly reach my top 10 goal. Putting numbers on paper and looking at a needed budget of $100,000, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort, the stress, the sweat and the tears, especially at my age!

I thought I could possibly find the money but it would be very stressful and a lot of hard work. I’d have to work full-time, train full-time, ski, fundraise etc… the effort that would go into it, would be the most I’ve ever had to give – and for what? Another top 10 at an Olympics… that’s something that doesn’t really excite me anymore!

So, once again, for the third attempt, I am hanging those bloody skis up!!

It’s time to get on with life, to really start the next chapter and enjoy every minute of it! I have no regrets skiing this past year. Skiing again definitely was worth it and such awesome fun but I am finally ready to let go!

It has been great having you all support me once again, helping raise funds, reading my blogs and following my journey on social media. 

This clearly isn’t goodbye but see you soon


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