Change of plans…

Those of you who are on social media would know I was selected to represent Australia at World Champs which was one of my goals for the season. I didn’t really have goals for the event it self, I was waiting to see how I went leading into it to really put some numbers on paper!

In the back of my head, I was aiming for top 20 in the DH and probably around the same in the Alpine Combined Event, since Slalom wasn’t a real focus this northern winter. World Champs start in St Moritz on Monday, 6 Feb but……. I have made a tough decision to pull out of World Champs and head home.

The point of started my season off in Copper Mtn, Colorado USA in November, besides getting the best training, was to build a relationship with a team so that I had a team to work with at races and also get some training options in-between.

Right before the races started in December, those plans fell through… Since then, I have been scrambling to find help, especially at Downhill races but unfortunately, most teams were reluctant leaving me with basically no help during course inspection, no course report, no video and of cause no coaching at most of the races.

Being at Downhill competitions alone isn’t really the safest thing to do but when you have no options, you try to make the most of it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get any ski training in since the end of November so my skiing has definitely gone backwards. I was happy with where I was at pre Christmas but things have definitely slipped since then.

So, because of this, I feel my results at World Championships wont be up to the standards I believe I can achieve. I would only be going to go and that isn’t why I am skiing again. I am not doing this to perform mediocre or worse, I want to be skiing my best at the time of these types of events.

I am not sure what my plans are moving forward…. to continue towards my goals to competing at my 4th Olympics, and actually reaching the goals, I am back to the drawing board for now.

On top of no support on the hill, my knee has been giving me trouble. I mentioned this before Christmas that most are pre Sochi injuries but I do feel I have done something a little extra to it! I am booked in for surgery on 21 Feb, at this stage I’m not sure what the surgery will involve until I get a new MRI completed prior but I believe it will just be a clean up (6-8 weeks rehab).

Thank you all very much for your help and support. I will keep you posted on my surgery and how my new plans look in the coming months


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