Christmas and Holiday Season!

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas with some of their loved ones. I have missed out on many Christmas’s at home over the years so it is always nice to be home and see family and friends. My body was in need of rest anyway after my crash I had in training in Copper Mtn, Colorado in late November. I broke a few ribs and stirred up an old injury in my knee (torn cartilage) which happened back in January 2014 before Sochi Olympics. All has settled down now and I’m looking forward to getting back on snow.

I have some goals to kick over the next 7 weeks which I am really looking forward to. It will definitely be a challenge but as you all know, the challenge is why i’m doing this. The challenge is what motivates me and the fact that most of my goals are looking possible, this is even more exciting.

Tomorrow night I fly to Europe, head straight to France for a FIS DH race (2-4 Jan). I will use this race for training purposes before heading to Austria to compete at a Europa Cup (9-14 Jan). I have a Plan A and Plan B schedule for January depending on how things are going and will make decisions about what is next as needed.

Healthy Living
Some of you would know that I run a “Healthy Living” private support page on Facebook where I have been helping people in many ways depending on their goals. For me and a few others, our goals were to put on weight (healthy weight – muscle bulk), for others, it has been to lose weight (some have lost up to 8kg so far) or just become healthier in life. If you have a Facebook account and you’re interested in joining with the New Year fast approaching, click here for the FB link  (make sure you click on “join group” and I will approve you). If you don’t have a Facebook account, get in touch with me and I can help you outside of the FB page.

Part of the reason I do this is to also help me raise funds to support my skiing. The FB page is of cause free and only costs if you would like the nutrition program that is getting amazing results.

Sad News
My next block is exciting for me but it doesn’t come with out sadness for anna_holmlundAnna Holmlund from the Swedish Ski Cross Team who suffered a hit to the head and is currently in an induced coma. I teamed up with the Swedish Ski Cross Team for a while so I know Anna well, she is a really nice, fun loving woman and has accomplished a lot in her skiing career including an Olympic medal. It’s unclear what type of brain damage she has suffered until she wakes up but from what I
have heard, the reports are not in her favour. She has now been flown home from Italy so she is closer to family, I wish her and her family strength and for some miracles to go either way. There isn’t a day that goes past I am not thinking of her…

Other News
I understand Alpine skiing in Australia has suffered financial support for some time and until Alpine athletes start to get results on a higher level, this will continue. I hope I am able to accomplish what I am setting out to achieve and would like to help change the support for alpine in the future. To do this, I need your help still – I have had great support so far with my fundraising from some very generous people but I am still need to raise another $10k to get through this next block.

I have made it a bit easier for those wanting to get onboard and help me reach my goals with some buttons below. All you need to do is click on one of the buttons for what you would like to help out with. I greatly appreciated any support you are able to afford, big or small. I would also really appreciate it if you could pass this around your networks and seek some extra support. I appreciate there is a lot of fundraising for more important causes so I do appreciate anything you can offer.

What money goes towards
$30 – average day’s food
$40 – average day’s lift ticket
$100 – average nights accom
$100 – average weeks worth of petrol
$330 – extension of ski insurance until 1 March

Please get onboard and help me reach my goals

(Click on one of the buttons below to donate)




As usual, I will keep you all updated as I go with results and other info. January is a very busy month race wise so lots will be coming out! If you’re around in Europe on holidays, let me know, maybe we can meet up for a coffee 🙂

Wishing you all an amazing 2017, be safe and have fun

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