The Excitement Continues

Sitting at Melbourne airport waiting to board, I felt like a young 20 year old about to catch my first flight! I love travelling but that’s not why I was so excited – it was because of the possibilities and opportunities that are now, right around the corner.

I am in Frisco right now which is just down the road from Copper Mtn in Colorado. I am here training until the end of November, right before competition season starts. I have been training with most of the World Cup girls (USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the Austrian’s have just arrived). It has definitely been amazing training, it certainly doesn’t get any better than this in regards to environment! It is also helping me step it up a gear. Getting quality training at this time of year is so important leading into the racers.


Another super cool part, is I get to work with my old alpine coach, Richie Lepage. Rich got me to most of my alpine results and we believe he will help me get there again.

I have always been a fast learner in life when it came to sports or anything physical. My ability to be able to improve quickly, in the small window I have, will definitely be on our side.

I am here training until 30 November before I head up to Canada to start my first main racers at Lake Louise. We are just waiting this week to hear if the women’s World Cup will be on or not, they have just cancelled the men’s due to lack of snow. Fingers cross for snow as I really need these Downhill’s to go ahead! There is always other options or plan B’s if it doesn’t go ahead but that would be a very costly change of plans!

My times against the WC girls have been pretty decent considering it’s only my 4th day back skiing Downhill in basically 12 years! I’m not the slowest down the mountain and definitely had some good splits. I have some main things to start working on which will hopefully bring me into the middle of the field which would be a great progression. My skis seem to be running pretty well too which is great. I have put 100’s of hours into my Downhill skis to make the fast so it’s always a nice payoff to see them keeping up with the best in the world!

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