Pre-Season Alpine Training

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It has been so long since I’ve sent an update. I didn’t actually think I’d be writing an update about skiing two years ago! But here I am, once again, back racing which is so far, going to plan!

I would have sent an update earlier but my website has been down due to my hosting company “accidentally” deleting all my files!! I am in the middle of trying to get it back up and running so fingers crossed, all those years of updates possible lost forever, so please excuse my site for now!

I had a few training camps over the Australian winter, all in NZ. For those following me on social media, you will know I am in Switzerland at the moment on another training camp up on a glacier called Saas Fee. All these camps have been with International Racer who have been supporting my return to alpine, my goals/dreams which I am very thankful for. I will fly home soon and will be home for a few weeks until there is enough snow in Colorado, USA for the final training preparations before the first racers kick off. My past alpine coach, Richard Lepage (aka: Banana Fingers) will be there to help get me ready to rock.

All of these camps are very crucial for my pre-season preparations and to reach my goals of this coming northern winter. I have a few big goals for this winter, one is to be back racing on World Cup in Downhill Super G and Alpine Combined. I have a LOT of work to do but I feel I will be ready with the right preparation.


The second big goal is to make a few World Cup points. That means finishing in the top 30 in the world. Another challenging goal but again, I think this is achievable with the right preparations. Then it’s qualifying to represent Australia at the Alpine World Championships in St Mortiz, Switzerland in February 2017. I haven’t set my result goals for their yet, I will wait and see how the season pans out but I would like to compete in the Downhill, Super G and Combined events. St Moritz is a hill I have always skied well on which makes it even more exciting.

Because I am returning to alpine after so many years out of the sport, I have no funding support from the sporting bodies/institutes so I am out on my own trying to find the funds to support my dreams of qualifying for my 4th Olympics in South Korea in 2018. I am hoping to raise $50k to support this. Basically if I can get 1000 people to donate $50 or 500 to donate $100, I have raised the money needed to reach World Champs and be skiing well to reaching my Olympic goals the following winter.

On paper, my decision to race again looked possible but unfortunately with a few unexpected life/business changes/expenses, I have fallen very short, making this dream look like it’s not going to be possible if I can’t raise the funds.

It would mean the world to me if you could donate $50 or $100 towards my goals by clicking on this link


If you would like to donate more or know of a company that would love to get onboard, you can donate towards actual expenses such as airfares, car hire, lift tickets, coaching or even look at the sponsorship options which have greater benefits. Here I will give shout outs and take pictures for social media, blog updates showing the amazing support for the item donated.

If you have friends and family that would like to be a part of helping me reach my goals or even if you are just wanting to send this around to see what comes of it, I would really appreciate anything you can do for me.

I am excited to be back updating and will continue to update you all as the northern winter progresses

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