Officially Retired – Final Blog!

As most of you already knew I officially retired after the Sochi 2014 Olympics in Feb but I guess I never really made it “official” so thought I should send out an update and to let you know, this is my very last blog…! Yes, sad I know!

I have really enjoyed having you all follow my journey to my 3 Olympics and through out the years in between.

It has been a very tough but super fun and exciting life and as you all know, “all good things must come to an end”.

I have a very long list of people to thank, 25 years worth! I couldn’t have done this without everyone involved, whether it be via following me on social media, emails updates, coming along to my fundraiser, product support and/or financial support/sponsorship, you have all been a great support. A speical thanks to SSA (Ski and Snowboard Australia), Michael (Kenno), Ryan and Ramone. OWIA (Olympic Winter Institute of Australia) Geoff, Alana, Alex, Patto and Tara. NSWIS (New South Wales Institute of Sport) Charles, Toppa, Kirsten, Dr Kuah and all past and present staff. AIS (Australia Institute of Sport) Matt Favier, Nick Hunter, the Bio team, trainers and all other staff. The AOC (Australian Olympic Committee) John, Fiona, Craig, Meg, Andrew, James, Alice, Kylie and Mike. My support crew – Matt Lyons, John Marsden, Shawn Flemming, Danny Geiger, Maro (Igor), Rich Lepage, Steve Graham, Jeff Books, John Paegle, Anthony, Aerin, Ben Siu and my amazing sport psych – Jim Taylor. Team mates – Kat, Anton, Scott and Sami. The list goes on and on but these have been my biggest and main support crew, thank you all very much :-)

Jenny Owens and the Ski Cross gang

This update is to also inform you all of my “new life”. I have been given the opportunity to work with a great company, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) where I will start off as an Executive Assistant, supporting 2 Partners of the firm who are consultants. I will also be working within the Business Support Team where I will get the opportunity to help and support the Directors from all around Australia in different section of PwC.

jenny owens - looking for full time work!

As you all know, I like to be challenge and strive to be successful so I am sure I will work my way up the ladder within PwC over the next coming years. I am studying part-time as well (Bachelor of Sports Business) which will also help me up that ladder.

I am definitely sad about my retirement but unfortunately it’s time. It has been my life, my passion, my drive, what I have lived and breathed for 25 years. Having said that, I am very excited about my new book (life!). I don’t see this as a new chapter, I see it as a whole new book about to be written which is exciting but also nerve-racking at the same time!

We have a new puppy called Rubie, a mini golden doodle (golden retriever / mini poodle), she is the most cutes and adorable thing ever and enjoying 90% of it so far (10% – dislike the toilet training and need for attention!!!). I guess this is a taste of motherhood :-S

Matt Lyons and RubieRubie

I am in touch with a few people involved in winter sports and I certainly will keep supporting the industry as much as I can because it’s very close to my heart.

This certainly isn’t good-bye from my life in winter sports but it is good-bye from my blog updates.

Thanks you all so very much once again, I can’t thank you enough

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